The First Interview with Cobra from PFCC

The First Interview with Cobra from PFC China on Jan 11th,2017
PFCC: We are honored to have COBRA for the very first interview with PFC-China. China is a country of 1.4 billion population. China's spiritual growth and awakening progress might have great significant impact on the ascension of this planet. From now on, we are xtremely excited and grateful to be able to set up the bridge between Chinese people and Light Force. PFCC has collected some down-to-earth questions for COBRA to answer. So lets welcome Cobra again.
COBRA: Thank you.
PFCC: Now, lets start with the first questions we'd like to get direct answers from you. What is the most important factor that prevents the event from happening ?
COBRA: Plasma toplet bombs
PFCC: What is the current progress of disarming the plasma toplet bombs by a percentage?
COBRA: I will not put this into percentage, but there is significant progress.
PFCC: People keep asking that since we all know that the plasma toplet bombs should be the last obstacle to the liberation of the earth, and we can relate that it's gotta be a tough job to do. So whether the Galactic Federation has mobilized every bit of light force to put all efforts on dismantling plasma toplet bombs? If the Galactic Federation can not accomplish this mission alone, is there any possibility that beings from higher dimensions will get involved in doing this ?
COBRA: Beings from very high dimensions are already involved with this.
PFCC: Could you specify how the group meditation help dismantle the plasma strangelet and toplet bombs?How it works?
COBRA: Group meditation connects physical plane with higher spiritual planes and creates a multidimensional bridge that helps the Light forces who deal with plasma and with toplet bombs.
PFCC: As we know, Galactic Federation and ascension masters come from higher dimension, but how come they seem to have very limited measures to deal with the dark forces which are probably only from or below 4th dimension?
COBRA: It is because they do not have a full understanding of the primary anomaly. Also, vast majority of them ascended before the archon invasion of 1996 and thus have a limited understanding of how it is to be incarnated on the surface of planet Earth after 1996. Therefore it is good that you talk to the ascended beings and explain to them what your life looks like for your perspective.
PFCC: According to your provided information, recently the light forces all of a sudden found that some implants were still implanted in the human body , so whether the light forces have underestimated the dark forces’ power to the control over the planet? And is that possible some unexpected problems or incidents would pop up during the planetary liberation transition on this planet ?
COBRA: Yes they have underestimated the power of the dark forces. Now they want to prevent any unexpected surprises during the Event and thus they want to prepare it as perfectly as possible.
PFCC: Human being is from the Source, and has the equal power with other beings. In particular, human being should know more about his nature or essence than other beings. Some people considered that strategic decision made by Galactic Federation maybe are not perfect, even something wrong, which lead to the delay of the Event. In fact, Human being want to offer his own suggestions about current situation and submit them to Galactic Federation, so is that possible ? if yes , how can we do that?
COBRA: Just talk to them mentally, they will read your thoughts.
PFCC: Next we can talk about something related to new energy : Did Tesla die on the surface of earth? Or his death is not real, he just fabricated his death and fled into the inner earth civilization?
COBRA: Yes he died on the surface of the planet.
PFCC: One of Tesla's free energy research results is relative to Tachyon Technology which has been spread and utilized in a small range so far, is there any other Tesla invention we can use now ? if yes, how we can get these available ?
COBRA: Unfortunately most of Tesla's inventions are still blocked by the Cabal.
PFCC: Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, the founder of Iran's Keshe Foundation, is related to light forces ?
COBRA: You need to use your inner guidance to answer this question.
PFCC: What are your comments on Keshe and his free energy technology, as well as his anti-gravity technology?
COBRA: You need to use your inner guidance to answer this question.
PFCC: Dose the Gans that Keshe has been promoting have some amazing effects or characteristics as he described, what is Gans from your perspective?
COBRA: Try it for yourself and you will see.
PFCC: Let’s get into several spiritual aspects. Is the source in a kind of state of completeness with omnipotent and omniscient power? Is it possible that the source is feeling not entertained,not a completeness, not omnipotent and either not omniscient. As a result, the source began to interact with prime anomaly to co-create things in order to expand itself?
COBRA: Source began to interact with the primary anomaly to heal it and not out of feeling of incompleteness.
PFCC: Another point is that if the source is in an absolute status, why the prime anomaly referred to a kind of occasional emergence can be held or hidden in this absoluteness?
COBRA: The primary anomaly is not hidden to the absolute,/ the Source, but only to relative beings
PFCC: Cobra, I would like to ask you , what are those souls with reincarnation who stay on the astral layer/plane doing now ?
COBRA: They are working on their spiritual growth. Some of them are spiritual guides for incarnated humans. Some of them are cooperating with the Light forces in removing the plasma scalar grid.
PFCC: Does the soul can recover full consciousness after death? Some articles said that people who died immediately would recall all the reincarnation ... ... while some articles stated that some souls do not realize they have died yet and still wander around ... ... What is the truth after death?
COBRA: After death consciousness does expand, but you do not suddenly become enlightened. You still need to transform your personality.
PFCC: In China, the number of awakened people is increasing; however,any course or workshop on spiritual teaching out there seem to cost a fortune. Is this a kind of infiltration of cabal group deliberately disturbing the spiritual progress in China by commercializing or defaming benevolent spiritual ideas in order to prevent this knowledge from spreading?
COBRA: No, it is a part of the global trend for commercialization of everything. On the other hand, spiritual teachers also need to live and earning money through workshops is a legitimate way for them to survive.
PFCC: There is this nine-year-old child from Chong Qing,who claims that he can have out of body experience or astral projection once he meditates to communicate with the blue Avians,Ashtar Command and the inner earth civilization. Quite lately,Ashtar imparts him/her that between April to September,2017, the plasma toplet bombs will get disarmed and the even occurs right away without time delay. On 24th December this year, the kid communicated with Resistance Movement and he claimed that you were allowed by the Resistance Movement group to record a video of the base.And Corey was allowed by Kaaree to record a video of the inner earth cities without exposing their faces.
Can you clarify on the accuracy of his/her source?Or this can be some sort of interference or set-up trap from the cabal?
COBRA: His statements about me and the Resistance are not correct. I will not comment on his other statements.
PFCC: During the Chiengmai conference you held in Thailand this year, you have mentioned it was a great accomplishment that the sites in China where the Cintamani stones are well buried. Actually, many people are still willing to place more Cintamani stones in certain places. So are there any other important sites required to have these stone buried in China or anywhere in Asia?
COBRA: Yes, many.
PFCC: The holders of transparent Cintamani stones are more inclined to spirituality development, while the holders of opaque Cintamani stones would more tend to keep the foot on the ground, I mean more practical in life.
So this is what you have said? Or some twisted theory?
COBRA: I never said that. I only said that transparent cintamani stones support more the spiritual growth when the opaque ones ground that spiritual energy.
PFCC: Someone said that the occurrence of the Event depends on whether the collective consciousness and the overall planetary energy reach certain critical threshold. Therefore, encouraging more people raise individual consciousness and energy level is a good way, in another word, life full of happiness is also helpful to the Event occurrence.
Currently, especially in the process of disclosure and publicity, some people are stimulated into fear, anger, even hatred ,which might lead to lower the level of consciousness and energy. So how to deal with this kind of dilemma? Is it essential to accelerate the wide spread of this disclosure information ?
COBRA: Yes, spread positive energy and intel about Disclosure as much as you can.
PFCC: The messages from Bashar seem to have quite a lot in common with yours. Are his messages reliable? Is he under the influence of Archon ?
COBRA: You need to use your inner guidance to answer this question.
PFCC: Corey has made it clear that RA in Law of One is the Blue Avian, how do you consider the content in Law of One? Is the Law of One a message delivered to us by galactic central civilization ?
COBRA: The Law of One is a human interpretation of certain spiritual ideas and as always you need to use your inner guidance to see if it is aligned with the truth.
PFCC: In Law of One, half of population on the earth come from Mars, one quarter of it come from Maldek, and another quarter of population come from everywhere else in this universe, the total number of star seeds reach about 65 million. But as we know, in the past information you stated that most souls on this planet are originally native, and estimated 10 million star seeds on the earth.
Anyway, where the souls on earth come from ? How many star seeds are currently remaining on this planet?
COBRA: A little bit less than 10 million.
PFCC: Is the density mentioned in Law of One the same as dimension you have described?What is the difference? In Law of One, there are some negative entities existing in sixth density, but you have said that the fourth dimension is the highest dimension that negative being can reach,what’s your view on this matter?
COBRA: Density=dimension. There are no negative beings in the sixth dimension.
PFCC: Next let’s talk a little about the disclosure. Benjamin Fulford's messages are a little weird, sometimes made us confused, sometimes sounded reasonable. Recently, he has repeatedly attacked Putin, which seems like turning white into black. Is this some kind of trick from loyal members of the White Dragon Society to implement partial disclosure?
PFCC: On the internet,some people posted some photographs with two suns,What do you think about it?
COBRA: Lens reflection.
PFCC: Many people and me have dreamed about two moons,what do you think?
COBRA: Memories from lives in other solar systems on planets with two moons.
PFCC: Are both David Wilcock and Corey Goode protected? Why could they stand out in public to reveal the truth?
COBRA: They are protected to a great degree.
PFCC: As a matter of fact , some people on the surface are more practical. They would pay more attention to current situation on the surface and their own financial status rather than information on the other levels. So let’s get into some questions regarding the situations on the surface,please.
As of now, some Event Support groups from around the world are running a company in order to earn money in the name of healing of spirituality, what are your comments on this one?
COBRA: Nothing is wrong with people being paid for their spiritual work.
PFCC: Are the earthquakes happened recently in southern New Zealand a natural phenomenon or a kind of attack from Cabal who have used HAARP weapon?
COBRA: They are a result of the increased activity from the Galactic Central Sun.
PFCC: In the 58th and 59th episodes of Cosmic Disclosure series, Corey Goode has mentioned that the crusta faults of earth extended from south to north beneath the seas because mother Gaia want to reduce the damage to the life on surface. So far, earthquakes occurred successively in New Zealand, Argentina, Taiwan, Japan and Salvado, which seemed to have verified what Corey has said. So is your point of view on this one?
COBRA: I agree.
PFCC: Some economists said that unstable factors always exist since establishment of Eurozone. Greece is a Trojan horse settled in Eurozone by Goldman Sachs, also the first factor to trigger crisis in Eurozone. After British referendum to break away from Europe, Italian referendum of constitutional amendment failed. How do you look at current situation and future prospects in Eurozone?
COBRA: The Cabal wants to destabilize Europe, but they will not be successful as they hope, because the Light forces are preventing that
PFCC: Under the downturn environment of global economy, many countries entered into a weird competitive way by printing more paper money than others especially in those dictatorship countries such as North Korea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe etc. If we can not purchase precious metals as hedge , so which kind of currency can be best choice to purchase as hedge method against inflation?
COBRA: Paper currency can not be hedge against inflation. Precious metals such as gold and silver are hedge against inflation in long term if we neglect short term price oscillation and short term price manipulation.
PFCC: Chinese people always think of themselves as "Descendants of the Dragon". Some people said that the dragon inheritors in China are not from Draconis but from a higher dimension of Dragon. So cobra, is the Dragon in China a branch of Draconis group? Is there any difference between Chinese Dragon and West Dragon ?
COBRA: Chinese Dragon is coming from Thuban (alpha Draconis), the most prominent faction of the positive Draconians. They are one of the founding sources of Chinese culture and one of the main reasons why dragon as a symbol has positive connotations for Chinese. Thuban was a polar star 5000 years ago when Thuban Draconians descended on Earth, using Chendgu vortex as the entry point.
PFCC: Where do most Chinese souls come from? Is it true that these souls come from Do Mou’s hometown, Big Dipper? And when these souls began to get controlled under Dragon? Did genes of Chinese people have been modified by Dragon?
COBRA: Thuban Draconians used genetic engineering to insert part of their genome into the native Han population. Most Chinese souls come from Earth. Extraterrestrial Chinese souls come from many star systems, including Big Dipper.
PFCC: There’s a very ancient Chinese legendary story named “ NuWa Create Human ” , (NuWa is a goddess in Chinese mythology), so Nu Wa is a lizard being? What is the truth behind this story? Chinese people are artificially made by these lizard-like beings ? Or offspring of the reptilian beings?
COBRA : NuWa belonged to Thuban Dracos and has actually defended the Chinese against the Reptilians. Chinese legend actually says that she killed the black dragon to provide relief for Ji Province.
PFCC: Qian Xuesen, a very famous Chinese scientist , who co-worked in 1940’s with scientists that participated in the “Paper Clip ” project in United States, and came back to China in 1950’s and became father of missile and rocket in China for his remarkable contribution. In his later years, he did greatly promote the research study of QiGong and psychic ability. So was there any support from light force behind him? Was there any connection between QiGong exploration tide in China and awakening wave of western countries in 1980s ?
COBRA: Yes he had support of the Light forces. QiGong exploration tide in China and awakening wave in the West were part of the same Galactic wave of awakening that surrounded our planet between 1987 and 1995.
PFCC: Several decades ago ,Chinese military did a lot of nuclear tests in Lop Nor located in western desert of China, it was said that there are entries to the center of earth and zombies in Lop Nor. Could you tell us whether there are some secrets there?
COBRA: There are may secrets there. Underground bases, secret space program, entrances to Agartha..
PFCC: Which extraterrestrial group was foremost race who initially designed the physical body of human beings ? And how many modifications were done on the physical body afterwards ? How many civilizations the earth has gone through? And which one of them is the one we are at right now?
COBRA: Many races took part in creating the human design. After Lemuria and Atlantis, this is the third major human global civilization on this planet.
PFCC: In Anastasia’s book, she mentioned that “ In which times people will feel most happy ,and what bring them these great happiness ?”
COBRA: You need to specify this question.
PFCC: Last year, you mentioned that the dark magic stone is currently located on the Long Island of Chimera underground base ,New York , United States.So after the Event, how shall we deal with this rock?
COBRA: That stone has been removed.
PFCC: What is the current status of the base and laboratory located on long island,NY?
COBRA: That is classified information.
PFCC: What is the current status of the energy vortex located in Chengdu,China?
COBRA: That vortex is in rapid expansion and growth.
PFCC: There is solid proof that genetically modified food would seriously damage the human immune system and also cause major diseases such as cancer. However, China's State Council has announced the 13th five-year plan to promote transgenic industrialization. So could you tell us if there is certain connection between cabal and this GMO Promotion activity ?
PFCC: This is the last question.
Some people feel that humans can not afford the delay of liberation any longer. They want to be reassured, of the Event,as well as the full disclosure . They wonder, would earth and humans transform into the ascension status before 2026 ? Besides, what can we do to make sure the Event occurs in 2017?
COBRA: If everybody would do their mission 100%, the Event would happen in 2017. I will not give any time estimates apart from that statement.
PFCC: Finally, Cobra, would you like to say something to Chinese people? Especially the light workers/warriors out here in China?
COBRA: Do whatever you can to carry out the mission that you were born for.
PFCC: Thank you.
COBRA: You are welcome and Victory of the Light!

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