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アセンションワークショップ ドラゴンの台頭

2024年7月13日午前10時から午後6時 コブラ台湾ワークショップ

2024年7月14日午前10時から午後6時 イニシエーション

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アセンションワークショップ 2024年7月17日 ドラゴンの台頭

午前10時から午後2時 ドラゴンの台頭ワークショップ

午後2時から午後3時30分 昼食休憩

午後3時30分から午後8時30分 イニシエーション









New Atlantis Workshopin Paris by Cobra


New Atlantis Workshopin Paris by Cobra


This document is a handwritten note of words overheard by the author at a workshop organised by COBRA in the French capital, Paris, which were later cleaned up and translated into Japanese. Therefore, please read it with the benefit of discernment and with the understanding that mishearing, writing errors and omissions are common and that it is not 100% accurate. Please note that all images in this document have been added at the discretion of the note taker and are not the intention of the speaker, Cobra. Please also note that no questions regarding the content of this document will be accepted.

Noted by Nogi

Table of Contents

  • Disclaimer
  • Opening of the Paris workshop
  • Galactic Network of Light Meditation
  • Q&A Session 1
  • Tachyon Products
  • Q&A Session 2
  • lost luggage
  • Final Battle
  • No Fighting!
  • Disentangling Process
  • Q&A Session 3
  • Luggage found
  • Q&A Session 4
  • History of New Atlantis Project
  • Reactivating New Atlantis network in Paris
  • Sacred Masculinity of Paris Vortex
  • Start Study Groups in Paris
  • Emergence of the White Nobility
  • Q&A Session 5
  • End of Paris Workshop

Opening of the Paris workshop

Welcome everybody. We are going to begin our workshop in Paris. Before we start, there is some technical announcement. We are also doing a meditation to align our energies.

First, you can not use your cellphones in this room. If you need to use them, you can go outside during the break. Have you all signed the Non-Disclosure-Agreement? Raise your hands if you did. [Everybody raised hands, and Cobra smiled]

The purpose of NDA is to protect my identity and my work. It is OK to share the information with others, but of course, with all those who are ready to receive this. Not all people are ready to receive the information like this. You need to use your common sense. But you can still share parts of the information by taking notes with a pen, not recording with any electro devices. Do not record with your cellphone. Do not take any photo. Do not share them anywhere in social networking. Anybody who is doing this need to leave this room immediately.

I would say that there are forces who want to stop this workshop immediately. We are lucky that this workshop happens. We are lucky that this workshop has been manifested. There are some delays and situation that we still need to manage. This is why the schedule is little bit behind. But anyway, we are going to proceed the program that was intended.

Now we are going to align our energies. Just make yourself comfortable.
Close your eyes.

Galactic Network of Light Meditation

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your physical body. As you breath out, you release from your physical body everything you don’t need anymore. All blocks and physical pain and all, just let it go. Keep breathing like that.

Now, as you breath in, breath in brilliant white light into your physical body, as you breath out, you breath out that light to all direction. Keep breathing like that.

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your plasma body. Permeate all your plasma body with that light. As you breath out, you release from your plasma body everything you don’t need anymore. All anomaly and all distortion, just let it go. Keep breathing like that.

Now as you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your plasma body, as you breath out, you breath out that brilliant white light radiate to all direction. Keep breathing like that.

As you breath in, you breath in that brilliant white light into your etheric body, or energy body. As you breath out, you release from your etheric body everything you don’t need anymore. All blockage in chakras and meridians, just let it all go. Keep breathing like that.

Now as you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your etheric body, as you breath out, you radiate that brilliant white light to all direction. Keep breathing like that.

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your Astral body, or your emotional body. As you breath out, you release from your emotional body everything you don’t need anymore. All sadness, anger, guilt, depression, just let it go. Keep breathing like that.

Now as you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your astral body, as you breath out, you radiate that brilliant white light no direction from your emotional body. Keep breathing like that.

As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your Mental body. As you breath out, you release from your mental body everything you don’t need anymore. All doubts, worries, belief system, just let it go. Keep breathing like that.

Now as you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your mental body, as you breath out, you radiate that brilliant white light to all direction. Keep breathing like that. Now as you breath in, breath in that brilliant white light to the totality of your being. And as you breath out, radiate that light to all direction. Keep breathing like that. As you breath like that, you begin to realize that you are a being of light. You are a being of light. I AM Being of Light. And we are confirming the fact by singing together the sacred OM three times. We start. OM OM OM. As a being of light, we are connecting to other beings of light in this group. We are creating one big being of light. We are a being of light. We recognize our group as a big point of light. One being of light. We are confirming that fact by singing the sacred OM three times. OM OM OM As a group of being of light, we are connecting with all other groups, couples and individuals throughout the planet. We are creating a planetary network of light. We can visualize, feel and experience this planetary network of light growing and expanding throughout the planet. You can visualize the light growing and the darkness ending. All the wars ending, all the sufferings ending, until the whole planet becoming a one big point of light. we are confirming the fact by singing sacred OM three times. We start. OM OM OM You can feel, visualize, or experience our galaxy is a double spiral with billions of billions of stars. And each of the star are the galactic points of light. You can see the galactic network of light are sending a ray of light toward the solar system and the planet earth. So the planet earth is the last planet to be accepted in the galactic network. That is the fulfilment of the old galactic prophecy: There will a time all the darkness will disappear. And the time is now. We are confirming that fact, we are singing the sacred OM three times. And we start. OM OM OM Now visualize a pillar of brilliant Blue colored light coming from the sky going through our group to the center of the earth and coming from the earth into the sky. So, you are sitting in the pillars of light going in both directions. We ask the pillar of light is aligning us to the purpose of this conference, and is protecting this group. You can visualize that this light is protecting us as a group and individuals. Visualize all the stars and many beings of light blessing and supporting us in this process. Now visualize, feel, and experience that there is the Violet Flame rotating anticlockwise coming from the sky, going through our group, to the center of the earth, and unifying our group, unifying and releasing everything that need to be released. We just surrender to this process for few moments. Slowly you become aware of your physical body. You are becoming aware of the surrounding. And when you are ready, please open your eyes. When you open your eyes, you are completely present in Here and Now. Everybody, welcome back.

Q&A Session 1

It is time I can answer few of your questions before we start the program.

Q. There is a lady named Elena Danaan who proclaims to be a galactic ambassador. She is talking about plasma implants, and I would like to know your opinion about it.
A. My opinion about it is not important for the surface population. Everybody needs to use their own inner guidance about it. So, I can not comment about it.
Q. In the last workshop, you talked about Emerald stones. What about jade? I remember you have talked little bit about jade before.
A. The time for jade has not come yet. The time for real activation for jade is yet to come. The real jade energy will reactivate the dragon energy. To be able to reactivate dragon energy, there needs to be a certain amount of balance. And the balance is not present on the surface of the planet right now.
Q. Does it have to happen in Asia?
A. Also, yes. But we are not there yet. The change has to be completed first. When the real dragon energy awakens, it will erase all the darkness. The darkness will not exist anymore after that. It will not be an easy process, so now we have to wait for the moment.
Q. Would you talk about what ATVOR technology means? How do we activate that?
A. I already have talked about it in my blog. There is a meditation about it. You can also hold ATVOR stones to enhance the effect of the meditation.
Q. In the time you started your blog, you said there is no more reptilians remaining, and recently you again talked about those reptilians coming back. So I feel lost. What should I believe for reptilians?
A. There are layers upon layers upon layers upon layers of the darkness, which have been creating this quarantine planet. The Light Forces are now removing these layers that have been there since 25,000 years ago. Light forces are deconstructing the layers in the way the humanity can survive. If they just drop a bomb on this planet, all the darkness are gone, but unfortunately, there are all humans who would be gone as well. That is why they are conducting this disentanglement process for humanity to survive. And unfortunately, humanity is not very cooperative. That is why it is taking so much time and it is so difficult. When all the darkness will be gone, you will know it. You will actually feel much better. So, before your life gets significantly better, you know that there is still key element of darkness remaining on the planet.
Q. I am organizer of spiritual marathon and an owner of tachyon chamber. But I have been experiencing being attacked. How can I invoke light to protect myself?
A. These “attacks” have been increasing drastically in the last 6 month. There are various protection techniques introduced in my blog. But it is not easy to counteract all of these attacks because they are simply too much of them right now.
Q. We all have different conscious level, but how do the light forces know and evaluate our consciousness and light work?
A. They are fuly aware of your actions. They can see what you are experiencing. But they can not completely understand how you think. Because the lack of experience on the planet earth, they can hardly imagine how it is to be here. That is a problem, too. I would say Light forces are doing great work but they also want to stay in their comfort zone. They would rather fight against the dark forces behind shields, and these dark forces all come here. [laughter] The most difficult part is here on the surface.
Q. Is it a coincidence that this workshop is near Boulevard of St. Germain?
A. Of course it is not a coincidence. And this building is called Atrium St. Germain as well. I will be speaking of St. Germain later. His energy is quite important for people in Paris right now.
Tachyon Products
Before we will have a short break, I just introduce little about my Tachyon products. They are all tachyonized. Do you all know what tachyon is? Okay, let me explain little bit about it. Tachyon is the first particles created at the beginning of this universe. For this reason, they have direct connection with the Source and highest possible vibration accessible here on the planet. But the dark forces have blocked this access to tachyon. There is certain layer of atmosphere called Ionosphere which absorbs cosmic rays. Tachyons are carried with cosmic rays, so with this layer, tachyons are also blocked there. You may know these technology of dark forces in different names: ionosphere heater. This is what they use to block tachyon energy. Pleiadians gave me introductions to build tachyon chambers. With the principal of quantum entanglement, it can bring tachyons into the surface of the planet. It can transmit the tachyon energy which the oscillating crystal that is in the space station. So we can get healing energy through that crystal. I think there are 40-50 tachyon healing chambers in France only. Is there anybody who would like to share your experiences about tachyon chambers? 1.After one first session of tachyon chamber, it has changed completely my life. It healed not only my physical body, but also my inner self. I become more sensible and calm. The life become much simpler. 2.I had significant back pain, but with the chamber, I have no more pain and I was so surprised. I think there is no other such healing technology in the world. 3.I went to Slovenia to experience this. And after that, I literally have no more fear, and I become more free-minded. It was so wonderful. On the Tachyonis website, there is a list of the owners of tachyon chambers in France. You can contact them to schedule a healing session. Apart from the healing chamber, there is a very special chamber to tachyonize the objects. This is how we tachyonize crystals. The purpose of this is to bring tachyon energy to human life. I have brought many products today. Here we have Cintamani stones, Galactic Cintamani stones. I have brought some Emerald that can connect to Agarthan network. Here is ATVOR crystals that someone asked questions about. Here is Colombian tektites, Libyan tektite. Here is Atacama Tektite for soul connection to the Source. And I brought a lot of goddess jewelries which are to bring goddess energy to the surface of the planet.

We are taking 20 min short break now. You can buy tachyon products during the time. [Short Break]

Q&A Session 2

Welcome back. I can answer your question and then we will continue the main program. Q. I think you have talked about the Cross of Lorraine before in your blog relating to White Nobility’s mysteries. Would you tell us the true meaning of the symbol of cross of Lorraine? A. It is a alchemical symbol to transmute the darkness into the light. Lorraine was very strong energy vortex since the middle ages up until World War II. I can just say that the whole area Lorraine and Alsace had entrances to Agarthan network until the WWII. Now these entrances are not active anymore, but the energy is still there. You can go there and feel the energy.

Q. Does it mean there are other entrances into Agarthan network exist in France? A. Yes yes, we are in St. Germain vortex in Paris. Q. I saw a picture in your post that illustrates human being possessed by Archontic entities. Should we trust this image? A. Every human being have at least one demonic entity attached since when reincarnating. These entities enter human body through birth trauma. Of course they can come in later, but all of their acts are managed by Lurker. I will speak about it later. Q. What is your perspectives for the next 2 years? A. I will also speak about it later. [laughter] Q. [Inaudible. Question about books?] A. Yes, there are many books about entrances, caves, and tunnel systems. Q. What is the situation of Goddess vortex in Paris? A. Again, I will speak about it later. [laughter]

lost luggage

Before we are going into the main program, there is a technical announcement: Swiss Airline lost my bag. [Oh no!]

For this reason, there are some technical problems, there is delay, and some of tachyon products are missing. I was advised that it will arrive here in 30 minutes. I would like to explain that this is not the first time such thing happened. It is like every time I fly there is an incident. So, certain analyze shows some airline companies are not reliable and you might want to avoid. Lufthansa is not reliable. Especially, a certain part of Lufthansa was a part of nazi Germany. It was basically the same company, so Lufthansa was heavily involved in Germany’s Secret Space Program. And now it is heavily involved to losel someone’s luggage.[laughter] And now, Swiss Airline has lost my luggage, and they still got some time before I gather the detail about their company that I will disclose next time.

I can tell you other companies that are not reliable and need to be avoided. One of them is called [inaudible. Hosegator?] which was taken by AIG group, a mojor cabal company. So I would recommend anyone to use their website. I could name many such companies, but thankfully, they are bankrupting. For example, Light forces think LATAM company of Latin America do not exist anymore.

You might have experienced this, but all those companies’ websites have automatic answering machine. Real human beings are never there to assist customers. They are outsourcing people with minimum wages. Those people can barely speak English. In most case, they do not know what they are doing. But the managements do not care if they know their job or not. They are just enjoying their vacations somewhere, until they will get one way tickets for Galactic Central Sun. [laughter]

Final Battle

Now I will not talk only about Paris, but there are several global developments these days. That has changed the situations quite much. I would say that planetary situation has been escalated quite drastically in a week or two. That means we are in the final key moment, or final ending. During that time, the battle between light and dark will intensify. The situation will get intensified more and more, and it has already started.

This intense period has a great potential for both great breakthrough and great risk and danger. This is the time period where all the dark forces finally realize that they will lose. They know that they can not leave the planet. So the cabals want to create world war. Because in their prophecy, their god would come and save them in the critical moment. Some of them worship the Black Sun, which is actually the Galactic Central Sun. That means they also believe in Solar Flash and solar waves in the way they want to believe. Some of them worship Yaldabaoth and other demonic entity. There are some cabals who expect their reptilian and draconian overlords come to rescue them. So, they have their own flavors and tastes. But what they do not understand is that they will be sacrificed when the final moment comes. They will be the first ones to go. And this moment has already started.

We are in the period that the light forces start disentangle surface population from Lurker. For that reason, people are getting extremely crazy. We never know how it will go because it has never done in human history. Last week, you have seen many people suddenly got crazy everywhere. It is like planetary exorcism. We are casting demons away from surface population. It is happening in planetary scale until entire human population get purified.

There is various ATVOR technologies which have been used by the light forces. They can remove any demonic entities from individuals and groups. Because human beings identify these entities as themselves, they tend to refuse clearing them. This process causes a lot of inner conflicts. In most case, demons win because human do not know how to use their free will correctly.

So, with this process, people can really get crazy. Do not try to treat such people if it does not work. Just stay away from those people. It is like mental illness. If you approach them too much, you will get affected. And unfortunately, most people, even light workers, get affected to a certain degree. But light workers can at least understand the process and manage the effect to the minimum. So, they can manage the activities of the entities and make conscious decision whatever the situation is.

No Fighting!

That activities of entity can be observed very much when light workers fight each other. Most of those fighting are stupid and meaningless, and they do not have valid reason to start fighting. I have seen so many fighting like this, even in this room. This does not make any sense!

All you need to do is recognizing the entities and just release them. Fighting other light workers will not get you anywhere. It would just multiply the number of entities, and they would create the negative energy field to fight each other. The highest purpose of light workers at this moment is building kindness and compassion to other light workers. But, if general surface population try to develop compassion and kindness, it can be dangerous. They can act strangely. It is because the human society has been twisted so much. They are told to be kind to the others, and they can get crazy. You can find your own way to be kind.

Light workers can do this consciously. As the kindness is what will bring goddess energy to the surface of the planet, you know how to do it. Today is June 27. This is the day light workers stop fighting each other, NOW. The time for luxury is over. We are in verge of world war III. We have had similar situation as this in past many many times. One of the cause of this is light workers. Light workers have been fighting each other, and do other stupidities. A breakthrough could happen in 1996, and a key light worker made wrong decision. So, instead of great breakthrough, we got Great Forgetting, Archon Invasion. A breakthrough could happen in 2019. And again, key light workers made stupid decisions in the same year. So, instead of great breakthrough, we got Covid Pandemic. Again, in June 2024, if we could not get breakthrough, we might get World War III.

I just want to remind you that key light workers have much more power than they realize. One very powerful light worker with correct decision can be more influence than Emanuel Macron. One very powerful and pure light worker can be much more powerful than Donald Trump. Those people have more responsibilities. If they make stupid mistakes, there will be consequences. What else can I say? If they make a right decision, they can be a great push-forward. Because the right decision by certain key light workers have survived even the last poler shift. Also, certain amounts of light workers have already avoided world war III in 1999 and 2000, and again in 2011-2012. I would say the work of key light workers are not isolated. They need to work in full field. They can be fully active within the energy field that light workers do not fight each other. I do not understand why they fight. To be recognized? To be number 1? But if we create such unified field, goddess can manifest from there. But, this is not important now. Now, we are going to be in the very critical moment, which I would not say until when. The first one is in July. Second one is in November. Third one is in December. I will soon publish an article about them, but there is much more coming next year. But these periods have already started, so we really have to sober up now.

Here is the Key: Do not fight fellow light workers. If it happens, forgive. When there is extract or evacuation or whatever you call happens, you will be off the list if you still fight. You are on your own. This is enough. I have seen so much. This is enough! We have to STOP. I have seen the same case in many countries, not just here. Key people have been attacked because they are doing great work and that caused so much jealousy. [sigh]Unbelievable. If some of you in this room are fighting someone, you have to ask yourself why. You have to disentangle with them. Instead, we have to cooperate. We have the same goal, hopefully. Until the moment, we all have to survive.

Disentangling Process

This tension has started since last December when light forces began to disentangle Lurkers from surface population. Nobody could expect how much resistance they will show. Lurkers existed in many cosmic cycles, and it understands how it is to be dark. Now it sends darkness to the planet earth. It is a tiny point in this universe, but it is a focal point. The final battle field is in human consciousness. Everybody will experience it in their own way. It is time to focus the inner light because lurkers will enter human body wherever you are through their trauma and false belief system.

Light workers are here to anchor the light. If we do that correctly, there will not be world war III. The dark forces wand to create war, and if that did not work, they will try to create another pandemic. They are really pushing it now. You can see the signs in news everywhere.

I know that it is not easy. That is why we have to support each other. We are in the healing process to support each other to go through this intensive period. This is why you are here. This is why this group is here today! You are here to connect to each other because healing is necessary now. Nobody knows how this period will go, but it is always great breakthrough or great danger. This is the most intensive period in human history until next year. As so many factors are involved such as light workers, cabal, Resistance Movement, Aldebarans, Pleiadians, Sirians, Galactic Confederation, and Lurker, it is getting too complex. But the focus is here.

All this is being played out right now. There is a big chance of breakthrough in July. There is a moment of great crisis in November, and another opportunity in December. I will talk about these in my blog once I receive the clearance. I have not received a clearance to talk about the year 2025. It is too complex. But 2025 will be a very special year. Until then, we have to stay healthy. We have to maintain our physical body, emotion, and have inner peace. That is important. Get ready for those periods.

Q&A Session 3

Do you have any questions about this?

Q. Is there any help from other galaxies?

A. Yes, we have many helps from Andromedans. There is some help for the key moments from M86 galaxy. And other galaxies such as Triangular Galaxy, people from Shapley Supercluster, and there are also from other universes. They gather beyond Heliopause, and it is still not safe for them, but they are participating and cooperating with us.

Q. What does “positive timeline” means?

A. The positive timeline is the timeline we win. The planet is not destroyed, but liberated. But as there is freewill of human beings, there is a risk their government decide 300,000 people go to war, and they really go. People can resist if they will not agree. With all disagreement with vaccine passport and all that, the dark forced retreated. I know it was not easy period. There were so many protests, and at some point, dark forces needed to consent. It did not happen because critical mass of people said NO. it will be the same process. If enough people disagree the military conscription, dark forces will not succeed. Light forces can easily intercept nuclear bombs. But if suddenly 300,000 surface population decided to go to war and kill somebody they have never met, they can not change this. But critical mass of people stand up and say No to this, then it will not happen.

Q. Is there any connections between key light workers and people like Emanuel Macron and Donald Trump?

A. That is classified.

Q. Isn’t there any good news?[laughter] I heard many people in French military are opposing the war. Is there any positive light worker in French military?

A. Actually, there is good people in French military. I can not say who because it is classified. I hope they stay strong enough.

Q. Are they a small group of people?

A. I can not tell. But they can make changes. I know they exist.

Q. You have mentioned underground tunnels of Palestine that was later occupied by Resistance. Are they still there?

A. The resistance movement used those tunnels for a special operation in Gaza in October last year. They were used for the certain surface people to exit from the surface. Those special operations are terminated. You cannot see them anymore. This is all I can say.

Luggage found

Okay, good news is I have received my luggage, so I can show you more tachyon products![laughter] Rate for Swiss Airline? I would say No.
Air France is OK. I used it sometimes but it seems to work well. Charles de Gaulle Airport? So-So. [laughter]
We will have 20 minutes break and we will continue. Thank you very much.

[short break]

Q&A Session 4

Everybody, welcome back. I can answer few of your questions.

Q. Thank you for talking about the importance of healing self. I also would like to know if it would be possible to clean the implants.

A. Well, implants are mostly gone. There are some residues but the main problem now is the psychological structure of human beings.

Q. When you talk about implants, do you mean EGO of psychology?

A. I am not neither psychologist nor analogist, so I can not answer to this question.

Q. To my knowledge, there is an implant in the left hemisphere of brain. Is that correct?

A. The main implants are here(above navel) and here(above both eyes). They are implanted in decision making centers for both left and right hemispheres.

Q. Although we are now going through difficult time, has Aldebarrans not changed their mind to come here for the First Contact as the first cosmic race?

A. This is still the Plan, yes.

Q. If the people are getting crazy from now on, is it good idea to continue to share the true information with them, or should we just stay away from them?

A. It is your personal decision. Some people still can take a good action in the critical moment. If people do not take actions at all, there will be consequences. For example, in 2021, if no one took action against the medical conditions, people would have the same issues today.

Q. Did you say that Lurkers have been existing for couple of cosmic cycles? How long would it be?

A. Billions of billions of years.

Q. During the WWII, Aldebarrans have contacted Vrill ladies of Vrill Society, and they gave them an instruction to build physical UFOs. My question is why didn’t they tell to attain Light bodies instead of physical craft?

A. Because it is not possible for most human beings to have a light body. It is not that easy. You would need decades of meditation and special guidance to achieve a light body.

Q. Do you have any advice to clean up the reptilian implants that we have received at birth?

A. Reptilian implants? It is very difficult to answer this question because I do not know the answer. I think even light forces can not remove them all.

Q. But after the Event, would it be possible?

A. Yes.

Q. I have questions about chemtrails. Are they actually harmful? Would it bring our vibration frequency down? Will Light forces remove the bad effect of it?

A. It will happen after the Event.

Q. There is no tachyon chamber in Latin America until couple of years ago. Will you explain why?

A. If someone wants to buy, they get one. If no one wants, there will not be one. So, I don’t know. It is up to the people there. In some countries like France, you have a lot of chambers. Spain has maybe one or two chambers, and Italy has none. So, it is totally up to people’s choice.

Q. I have a question about Schumann resonance. Could it be an indication of the activities of Light forces in the sky?

A. It is not direct indication. It is natural resonance of Ionosphere, so we do not know if it is natural or light forces’ activity.

History of New Atlantis Project

Now, we are getting to the main part of this workshop. It has to do with New Atlantis, St. German, and Paris Vortex. Now the dark Atlantean network is gone, it is time for us to really activate New Atlantis Network.

New Atlantis Project is originally started by the ascended being St. Germain more than 500 years ago. The first impulse of this project has hit Italy during the renaissance. There were certain White nobility families involved in the project such as Medici family, Byzantine-Palaiologos family and others. There were certain souls reincarnated there to reactivate the code within the human consciousness.

So they used the Greco-Roman mythology to reactivate the codes. The coded messages are sometimes visuals and science, which will connect self to the certain higher consciousness. This project was very successful. This has made the path to the final liberation of the planet at that time. There are some vortexes like Firenze and Venice that had the same impulses of the movement.

In Venice vortex, there was Loredan family which was the leading white nobility family of the movement. Leonardo Loredan was the main figure of the family and was very active. He now is an ascended being.

The movement in Venice also moved in Florence.

There was a certain timeline started from that time period, which was about 500 years ago. And a half of the same cycle was in the middle of 18th century. So, many souls again reincarnated in Paris and Versailles for a purpose. There were painters who encoded messages in their Greco-Roman mythology styled paintings. Other paintings with and Rococo were also to send certain codes to human beings at that time.

You may already know that high priestess in France. Madame Pompadour and Princess Lamballe. Both of them have been initiated into a certain goddess mysteries on this planet. Madame Pompadour exiled Jesuits from France in 1762. As soon as Jesuits were removed, Pompadour was initiated. St. Germain was directly involved in the project. He formed many mystery schools, which were also masonic lodges. Freemasonry back then was much bigger than today. For many centuries, light forces have been using these lodges to anchor the light into the surface of the planet. Jesuit infiltrated the lodges after the congress in Germany in 1785.

This was the time Lamballe became the master of the female freemason lodge in Paris. In that lodge, she was initiated into the certain goddess mystery, and became a high priestess.

This is first time to disclose, but there was a certain involvement of Agarthan network in that project. That means, there were some entry points Paris and Agartha at that time. The first one was in the cave of Marie Antoinette in Petit-Trianon. There was a secret entrance in that cave. There was a certain communication between high priestess of Agartha and Marie Antoinette and Princess Lamballe in that cave.

Another entrance in Paris area was underground tunnels of Catacombe, which is beneath here. Most of the tunnels there are just normal tunnels, but some tunnels were actually connected into Agarthan Kingdom during 18th century.

And there are other buildings, which is just few hundreds of meters away from here, some buildings are St. Germain to come to the surface of the planet, so he could contact with people on the surface. And the project New Atlantis continued.

Reactivating New Atlantis network in Paris

As the dark Atlantean network is basically gone, we have to reactivate those New Atlantis network in Paris. This new activation needs both sacred Masculine and Feminine energies. Feminine aspect is Sisterhood of the Rose. Now, would the member of SOTR Versailles please stand up and give us some comments?
Versailles SOTR “Now we are not having a big meeting, but we still have a regular small meeting. If you would like to join our activities, please contact us. Our contact is in the SOTR official website.”

Okay, and SOTR Paris team, would you say few words?

“We are anchoring the light in Paris Vortex, not openly, but the door is always open for everyone who is willing to join us. Here, we respect the alignment and harmony of the group very much. Each of you will take important role for whole humanity. For that reason, we strongly recommend participants to erase and release all personal issues. We will anchor only pure and unified energy to the vortex.”

Thank you. As you have noticed, the energy in Paris has improved a lot since 2 years ago. It is important to have harmonious groups in order to improve the situation. It is very important that the members are dedicating to the light and can respect the harmony of the group in order for the light to grow.

Sacred Masculinity of Paris Vortex

Now we need to activate the masculine aspect of Paris Vortex. I have talked about how St. Germain was active about the New Atlantis project in Paris in 18th century towards the French Revolution. It was French Revolution that destroyed the Project. It actually almost destroyed Paris vortex itself. So, a lot of timeline healings were necessary so that the huge trauma of French revolution is resolved. One of the ways is burying Cintamani or Galactic Cintamani stones into such locations where battles and bloodsheds happened. Violet flame meditation is also good to heal and purify such locations.

Start Study Groups in Paris

Another aspect of this mass reactivation is activating the mysteries that have been hidden since 18th century. For this purpose, Light forces requested us to start Study Groups in Paris. The groups need to go to library, museum and archives to find out the secret documents and books to restore the wisdom.

I have been writing about Paris in the 18th century a lot. You can refer to the information, and go to library for study in a group. You can go to archives to find documents, museum for codes hidden in paintings, and research everything important. You can publish your research in your blog or website, and if it is good, I can publish your article in my blog, too. I can guarantee you will find very interesting facts. You will find very interesting facts that will prove what I talked about.

First, I can give some clues and you will study about it. There are some masonic lodges that have ancient archives. It would be very interesting to research about the key figures such as Madame Pompadour, Princess Lamballe, and Marie Antoinette.

Unfortunately, most of the document St. Germain has left were destroyed on purpose. There was big fire and most of them are lost. But you will find the traces. There are some documents which talks about him, and there are even the documents that were written by him. There are not so much left because Dark forces could not destroy everything. There are small libraries and small lodges that still have the documents you will discover. That information needs to be in public. St. Germain is not a mental illusion, but is a real human being. He really exist. He was an extraordinary person with many advanced abilities, but he was walking the streets of Paris like us. So he has left many traces everywhere in Paris, that you can discover.

This needs to be activated because it is time to activate both feminine and masculine aspects. Of course, he is not connected to only Paris, but also to other part of France, and other countries as well. But Paris is a key city, and there is also Versailles. In Versailles, the ascension timeline of the planet was activated there in 1775 under the guidance of St. Germain. He was physically here and physically gave instructions to key persons.

So, who wants to participate? Please stand up and come forward.
[About 10people came forward]
Okay, please make a circle, holding each other’s hands.
You can repeat after me if you like.
“In the name of I Am that I Am, I decree and command to create the group that will bring again the mystery of St. Germain. So be it, and so it is.
Thank you very much.
Before you go, we need to know...
  • What day and time will we meet regularly to discuss on the project.
  • At least one contact person
  • Make sure you live in Paris. If not, where is the central convenient point to meet?
Q. Should we meet in outside or inside?

A. Depends on your activity of that day.

Thank you very much. I hope it will succeed. [applause]
This activity will bring the energy of St. Germain and New Atlantis project back to Paris! And every surface population now need to feel the energy.

Emergence of the White Nobility

Another situation we have here is that the white nobility families that are living in Paris are still afraid to come out. There are key members of that family who is living in Paris, but this person has not contacted us because they are all afraid. They are afraid because of all the past experiences, all the threats from dark forces. But we need their cooperation in order to get the vortex to the next level. I hope they will find some creative ways to contact me, or be courage to talk to us. There have been already contacts established in other locations, but not in Paris. In order to activate Paris vortex, this is absolutely needs to happen at least in next few years. This is very important for proceeding to the next level of planetary liberation.

I know certain people from that family are reading the past conference notes. Certain sources are obviously reading the conference notes.

This Paris vortex is now proceeding to the next stage. So far, there are many tachyon chambers built, many stones are buried. I hope we continue our light work, and the conditions will be so much better for the coming years. It is already so much better than 2 years ago. I can not comment on the political situation of this country, but the energy condition of the vortex is so much better.

Q&A Session 5

Before we finish the workshop, do you have any question regarding the Paris vortex?

Q. In the last Paris Conference near the Eifel Tower, SOTR members went to a special vortex and did the activation. Should we tell everybody the location?

A. The exact location of the energy is being anchored must be classified. For now, I would say Petit Trianon in Versailles is good idea. I will talk about the vortex in Paris when the time is right. Paris still needs healings because it has very complex history such as German invasion, Napoleon’s war, and French Revolution. These issues need to be settled first.

Q. Every group for Paris Vortex needs to meet in person physically? As Paris is ourselves, as long as we are supporting Paris in our mind, would it be alright?

A. Yes, it is very good.

Q. What kind of image should we have when we hear “masculine aspect of Paris vortex”?

A. The energy of St. Germain intertwining with the vortex as a gigantic being.

Q. I would like to ask you this question for better understanding of dark forces, but why do you use only black nobility instead of Khazarian Mafia?

A. I think I have talked about the Archon Invasions that had started from Kahazar area in 2012. But I would say that I tend not to choose the same topic all the time.

Q. So, are they the same being?

A. Yes.

Q. Cabals are proceeding with CBDCs in next year. Do you think they will fail?

A. People need to resist again. They try, and you say No. Those who say Yes will be caught by their plan. I recommend you to quit using electro transactions and start using only cash.

End of Paris Workshop

Here is short announcement before we go to lunch break. I just found a Goddess jewelry that represents sacred masculine energy. I have brought this only for this workshop. If you want, please take a look at it.

We have completed the Paris workshop. After the lunch break, those who will take ay Initiation need to come back here at 4:00 pm. That is it. Thank you very much! [applause]








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